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You may be wondering…
I feel so alone. Where can I meet other people who’ve lost a loved one to suicide?

The various survivors support groups I attended were a lifeline that helped me understand what I was experiencing and introduced me to the wider suicide loss community, as I write about in Chapter 10 of I’ll Write Your Name on Every Beach. If you’ve never been to one of these support groups, I strongly recommend you look for one in your area here or here.

How did you manage to write a book about this painful topic?

Writing has always been a precious emotional and creative outlet for me. My peak period was around age 10, spinning short stories like “The Tidybanks” in cursive at the little white desk in my bedroom. Like a lot of people, I kept journals in my teens and twenties and dreamed of writing a book that would tell some piece of my story. I finally returned to a regular writing practice in my fifties and began to experiment with poetry.

What else are you wondering?

Let’s continue the conversation! I’d appreciate hearing your comments and questions about the book, or your own experiences with suicide loss or with grief generally. If you have resources and tips that may be helpful to others, please share them here! Posts may be edited for length; standard Netiquette rules apply.