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    Wikipedia is one of the encyclopedic platforms which can add value to a business and attracts more customers to the brand. It is used as a marketing platform can boost the visibility of the business in the digital world. There are two major factors that you need to consider to create a Wikipedia page:

    1. It requires inclusion

    Your brand must be able to qualify for the creation. It should:

    • Have significant coverage addressing directly to the brand in detail

    • Have a secondary source—a credible site as a reference to make the article Wikiworthy. Your brand must have some media coverage or journals as reference for the information present on the internet.

    • It must have published work in all forms of media

    • Have editorials independent of advertisements, press releases or the original website of the brand.

    2. In depth coverage

    A couple of mentions is not enough for the information to make it worthy of being published on Wikipedia. The facts and facets collected from any credible site must be authentic to be included in the information. If the information included in the article is not properly true, it is more likely to get deleted or flagged by Wikipedia.

    Do you think the above mentioned pointers are enough to create a Wikipedia page?

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